Letter To Church Leaders

Our movie Yellow Day was produced to help kids and parents discuss sometimes difficult subject matter, providing them a way to show God’s grace even in the darkest of times.

We wanted to write, because we made a children’s movie with the hope that we could help you.
We have seen many incredible movies supporting you, and there success shows the great demand for inspiring faith-based works.
What we have not seen are new children’s works that do the same.

Yellow Day is such a film.

Yellow Day takes very hard to discuss, life and death issues, such as chronic illness, domestic abuse, and severe special needs cases and presents them in a way that kids and parents can discuss together.Our film shows children that these challenging times create some of the greatest heroes and significant achievements, even if these stories sometimes go unnoticed.Our movie takes true stories from this community and weaves them into a fairytale, which is focused on the power of miracle. The result is something that kids can both enjoy, but also learn incredible lessons from, such as the saving power of grace, and incredible lessons in faith, hope, and love.

We hope this can be helpful to you, providing an additional tool to reach families that might not even be churched, as our film is perhaps an easier way to introduce ideas you seek to teach, and opens new doors to discussion.

We are releasing Yellow Day in select markets starting Christmas day. We know this is a challenging day, as the theaters are incredibly crowded with some of the biggest releases of the year.

But incredibly, on the day we celebrate Jesus’ birth, we will be the only movie that is faith-based in the theaters. We felt called to try this release, even if it is a challenge, to show their is a demand for such a movie over the holidays.


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