Yellow Day Event and DVD Announcement!

Yellow Day DVD and EVENT

Hello everyone!

Ok, so at last we are here! Yellow Day is coming to VOD and DVD early 2017! We are super excited about our domestic partnership with Vision Films, who recently partnered with Sony for their retail. So yes, you’ll be able to see the movie on select On Demand platforms and retail stores.

And just as cool: we are currently coordinating with Camp Grace for the upcoming Yellow Day event. 

This Yellow Day event is a family day of entertainment, also calling attention to and raising funds for the great causes Camp Grace represents. It will feature elements from the movie and as well as new surprises.

We’re going to be rolling out more announcements, and are super excited about things to come.

In the meantime, have a bright sunshiny Yellow Day!

Also, here’s the press release, coordinated with Vision Films:

“Providence Film Partners is pleased to announce a North American distribution partnership with Vision Films for the feature film Yellow Day. Vision recently partnered with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to release its new titles on home entertainment. Yellow Day will be available on select VOD Platforms in December and on DVD in retail stores in January.
Yellow Day was produced in Mobile, Alabama, with the majority of production taking place at Camp Grace, and, due to broad community support, Yellow Day’s theatrical release boasted the #1 theater location average in the nation.”
Thanks everyone!
-Team Yellow
Heather Hall

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