A Movie About Miracles

A Tale Focused on the Power of Miracle.

Welcome to Make it a Yellow Day, an entertainment site supporting the Yellow Day movie, in theaters Christmas 2015. Read more about the movie below.

The Movie

Yellow Day is a partially animated fairytale, based on true miracles in the outreach world. Kids and parents watch one young man’s journey to the mysterious Yellow Day, where the world can be seen as God sees it. Here they learn the power of grace, and how accepting it shapes us into who we are meant to be.

The Purpose

Our movie Yellow Day was created to give our families and communities something quality, fun, and inspiring.  With Yellow Day, you will have fun, but we also created another layer of thought within the movie, drawing on classic art, literature, music, and philosophy.

The People Who Care.

Yellow Day was created by a rare combination of volunteers, business and civic leaders, outreach and ministry groups, who all came together with great sacrifice to get something more out of entertainment.

Same Values, New Packaging.

We believe that we can promote family values in fresh and original ways, and that is what Yellow Day is about. Our movie promotes good living, prayer, and a giving spirit. It also promotes imagination, creativity, and originality. The result is a new look at family movies, and what could be seen as a revival of the arts within family entertainment.

Will You Be Our Friend?

We consider our supporters friends, and hope that you will be our friend.

Join up with our community, and journey with us through this new vision.

We hope you enjoy our movie and this website.

Let’s make it a Yellow Day.


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