For Families!

Fun and with Purpose

Yellow Day was made to provide parents something fun for their kids, and that allows children to take away real lessons and insights. Read below for how this can help your family.

The Fun

Yellow Day is a high quality, partially animated film that is funny, uplifting, and beautiful. In entering the Yellow Day, we provide an experience kids can enjoy at face value for the incredible stories of perserverance and redemption, and that also allows parents to be comfortable knowing there are clean and affirming messages within.

The Impact

Within Yellow Day are rich lessons and insights on the power of grace, and its qualities: faith, hope, and love. On top of this, our film shows true heroes from the outreach community, including those who have overcome challenges in the special needs, oncology, and domestic abuse community. Yellow Day also provides parents a powerful gateway to talk about important topics and famous writers including Dante, Chaucer, and Keats, and the more modern classics such as C.S. Lewis, T.S. Eliot, and G.K. Chesterton. Last but not least, our movie shows real examples of how to build lasting relationships, looking deep into the soul of each person.

So families… press play, and have fun! Yellow Day is for you.


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