Famous Artists – Michelangelo

Yellow Day, releasing December 2015, is a revolutionary film designed to continue the legacy of innovative, beautiful, and thoughtful art within the community of faith.

Over the past few years, the church has struggled with the best way in which to engage film, media, and art with the truths of the gospel in our modern context. Amidst all the arguing and bickering we often forget that some of the greatest artists of all time were of a spiritual persuasion. The best painters. The best sculptors. The best storytellers.

Michelangelo might stand above them all. He was good at each of those aspects!

Check out some of his best known works and now iconic images:

1. The Sistine Chapel


2. The Pieta


3. David


4. The Last Judgment


Kyle Bedwell

Kyle Bedwell is a former teacher turned screenwriter and director. He loves his wife, Liverpool FC, and the journey his Creator has placed him on.

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