Yellow Day is a wildly imaginative, partially animated movie based on true stories in the outreach community, for parents and children to watch together.

Over 1,000 people in nationwide test screenings rated Yellow Day an average of 4.5/5 stars! 
Yellow Day draws its audience into a rich narrative where common lessons from the Bible are reframed in a new and compelling background. It’s not just a good movie, it’s good art, and an example of what all faith-based films should strive for. – 
Films have a rich capacity to convey truth in a way that is extremely effective—that is, through narrative. It is heartening to see efforts like Yellow Day, wherein people whom the world might cast off (or abort), were shown to lead full lives, wherein they recognized their struggles and past hurts and chose to embrace what the film calls “the light”, also known as a life of faith and joy. – Lifesitenews

Kyle Bedwell

Kyle Bedwell is a former teacher turned screenwriter and director. He loves his wife, Liverpool FC, and the journey his Creator has placed him on.

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