Introducing the Land of Grace

Yellow Day is based on a real outreach facility called Camp Grace. In the movie Yellow Day, this camp is transformed into the Land of Grace, a place where people see the world as through the eyes of God.

The Land Where Lives are Changed

In Yellow Day, a fun outreach kids camp, becomes something far more. In the movie, this camp – called Camp Grace – transforms into the Land of Grace, a mysterious land where God reveals the world as it truly is. For families, this provides a very entertaining opportunity to learn the qualities of grace and more.

Where Heroes are Revealed

In the Land of Grace, heroes are revealed. Here, people who have overcome incredible odds are shown as God sees them. These heroes, which in Yellow Day, come from the outreach community, inspire our hero to become a better person.

A Journey for Parents and Children to Discuss

In Yellow Day, our hero journeys through the Land of Grace, learning the principles of faith, hope, and love. For parents this is an opportunity to teach their kids the principles of faith, hope, and love while educating on the outreach community.


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