Yellow Day: A New Kind of Movie

Move over Luke Skywalker

Remember the classic If You Give… Book series? Well, this isn’t exactly the same thing, BUT in the wake of Comic Con, YouTuber Bill Parker uploaded one of the best videos we’ve ever seen. In the newly surfaced Youtube creation of a “Jedi” running around with a GoPro, we get to see first-hand what’s it’s actually like fighting off hostile encounters with Stormtroopers. And it’s awesome.

Thanks to Mashable for sharing the story, and to Bill for showing us what a Jedi with a GoPro can really do, the world now has something to hold on to until  Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released in December.

Speaking of December, here at, we love family-friendly stuff. Movies and media that can make you laugh, or smile, or just have a good time. Our new movie Yellow Day was created to do just that. We wanted to make an artistically creative and family friendly film that all ages could enjoy, and that could also be an outreach tool for the special needs and disabilities communities.

Check out our trailer:


Kyle Bedwell

Kyle Bedwell is a former teacher turned screenwriter and director. He loves his wife, Liverpool FC, and the journey his Creator has placed him on.

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