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Yellow Day was produced through the efforts of hundreds of individuals from outreach organizations, churches, schools, and leaders in the civic and business communities, all driven to create entertainment that positively impacts families and communities.


Real Heart: Outreach Community

The outreach community greatly contributed to the making of Yellow Day. Their contribution included everything from Camp Grace – the main setting of the movie – and lending their name and facilities at no cost to the production, to the camps themselves actively participating in the movie, to the churches who prayed over our production, to finally the hundreds of volunteers participating throughout.

True Cause: Business and Civic Leaders

Members in the civic and business community were passionately driven to fund, provide their time, and provide insight to help those in the film dot their i’s and cross their t’s. In what has truly been a case study in heart first action, these leaders have been the helpful force behind Yellow Day.

The Spirit: Our Prayer Warriors

The Yellow Day team encompasses thousands of everyday people who, within their life, are dedicated to prayer. The Judaeo-Christian message in the film was bolstered by the influence and aid of these many different churches and prayer groups that participated. This unified focus, drawing on many denominations to make the film possible, is one of the miraculous and nearly unique elements of Yellow Day’s community.


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