We Make Entertainment More.

We are from creative, outreach, business, civic, church, and charity backgrounds, dedicated to creating entertainment with positive impact. Yellow Day is our first movie.


Making Entertainment More

Yellow Day is produced by people passionate about providing fun entertainment that also strengthens families and communities. To make this possible, we spent the time, talent, and treasure to deliver an impactful first movie.

The Movie Yellow Day

Yellow Day was produced for children and parents to discuss together. The film features powerful true stories from the outreach community, real lessons on faith, and a chance to learn about famous writers, artists and musicians. For parents, this is also an opportunity to discuss what is sometimes hard to discuss, special needs, chronic illness, and domestic hardship.

Creating Impact

Entertainment has the real power to influence culture. We believe there is a societal imperative to use this force for good. Yellow Day is the first movie toward our goal of producing such entertainment.

Our Key Areas

Yellow Day has three focus areas: family, outreach, and the arts. Each one of these areas is supported by Yellow Day through themes and content. The result is a film that children can enjoy with their parents and be affirmed.

Our Outreach Focus

Yellow Day focuses outreach on three key causes: chronic illness, domestic abuse, and special needs. These causes are directly addressed in Yellow Day, allowing parents to discuss these subjects at length with their children, in a way that is tender, safe, and good.


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