Letter to Outreach Leaders

Dear Outreach Leaders,

We are writing you because we produced a movie that we feel is for you. We know the work that you do is often surrounded in daily challenges and what are perceived as tragedy. We also know that you experience some of the greatest miracles our culture could possibly see. We know that foremost among these situations are with children, which often suffer greatly when the unexpected strikes. We know that daily you are working to serve these children and their families, giving them hope.

We wanted to show that.

Yellow Day is a movie that highlights the good work that you do, and brings attention to the causes that you serve. It is a quality film that is not simply about your work, but for the children that you see who are fighting courageously everyday against difficult trials. Yellow Day not only draws on true stories from these situations, but does so in a way that the children can watch, an animated fairytale focused on the miracles that they serve.


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