Letter To Parents

Yellow Day is a movie kids and parents can watch together, and discuss afterward. We took true stories and weaved them into a fairytale, focused on the power of miracle. Our idea was to give parents something that is fun, inspirational, and affirming.

Dear Parents,

We know you are out there everyday, trying to make a better life for your children. We know that many times you feel bombarded by what your children experience, and that you often feel you are fighting an uphill battle.

We are here to help.

Yellow Day was produced with your feelings in mind. We wanted to produce a film that you could watch with your children, and know they are being taught the right things.We also wanted a movie that was fun, but had substance.

So we took it upon ourselves to approach subjects that can be hard to discuss: chronic illness, domestic abuse, and special needs.

We took true stories from these communities, and spent the time to present these stories in a way that shows the incredible and often unsung heroes in these communities, and the good work that they do.We also brought in time honored, Judaeo-Christian values, presenting them in an approachable way that those without these beliefs can still appreciate, and still value.

We take our true stories and make them lessons on faith, hope, and love.

Finally, our film is educational, without forcing the subject. Our movie is based upon great works in literature and poetry, and we openly cite them in the movie, providing opportunities for discussion, encouraging study of artists like Michelangelo, writers like C.S. Lewis, and more.

We are a new group that put forth this movie, and we are giving it everything we have in us to make this one a success, so that we can get better and do more movies like it.

We hope that you can support us at the movie theaters, so that we can do more films, and in turn, give you the relief you are looking for in entertainment.

We truly appreciate your support.


The Yellow Day Team


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