The Real Community

Yellow Day was not produced by any one person, but by a community that desired new entertainment. Their sacrifice and hours of work are true, and their stories are reflected in the film as tribute.

In Real Life:

Yellow Day was produced in Mobile, Alabama, by a community of people who desired to make entertainment more. The stories in Yellow Day are based upon stories from Mobile, stories of incredible triumphs and excruciating tragedy. These diverse stories were compiled and then fictionalized to pay tribute to those who inspired the Yellow Day creators. Mobile is not known as an entertainment city, but it is a city that believes family entertainment can be more. There was tremendous sacrifice put into Yellow Day, to give others something of substance.

In the Movie:

The characters in Yellow Day are a conglomerate of these Mobile stories, from the founder of Camp Grace, who is based upon admirable and successful business people in the community, to the counselors that represent the real outreach camps, to the heroes such as Krisanna Roberts and David Rachal. This community made the film happen, and we are so happy to have included them into the story.


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