This Hero Inspired Us All

In real life, Michael Rachal is a living example of heroism. In the movie, we took his story and brought it to life, showing how soul’s like his shine forth for those with eyes to see.

Representing the Special Needs Community

Yellow Day supports the special needs community through Michael Rachal, a truly inspirational figure.

In Real Life

Michael Rachal is a young man with Cerebral Palsy. This condition leaves his mind completely lucid, but leaves his muscular control severely limited.  As opposed to seeing this condition as something to hold him back, Michael uses it to show people that what we see as a limitation can be a gift. Michael has an incredible faith in God, and believes that God has given him this condition to show others how to appreciate their own gifts.

Michael is a camper at Camp Grace in the movie, and in real life was one of the first campers at Camp Grace. He attends Camp Smile, one of the organizations that use Camp Grace. In real life there is a specific harness that Michael uses to go up on the Ropes Course, a large obstacle course at Camp Grace. This course is quite challenging, and him going up on the harness and down the ropes course is an incredible story of courage, one that is legendary at Camp Grace.

In the Movie

In the movie Michael plays the role of David Michael, who shows the hero of our story the lesson in faith. David Michael is a young man who selflessly shows that his condition does not stop him from even impossible things, such as going high up on a ropes course. Here he teaches everyone that they need not fear challenges, but seek new ways to overcome them. In the Yellow Day world, our hero sees David Michael as a hero standing atop a mountain, showing all of the incredible things he has overcome.


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