She Named the Yellow Day

In her short time on earth, Krisanna taught others to ‘Live in Yellow.’ In the movie, we bring her ‘Yellow Day’ to life, using imagery she loved, and showing how they related to grace in her life.

In Real Life:

As a young girl, Krisanna Roberts was a bright spirit, someone who was known for bringing incredible joy to the people around her.

When she was still a young girl, tragedy struck. Krisanna was diagnosed with an extremely rare brain tumor. The rest of her life would be spent in this battle. Nevertheless, she kept an incredible spirit, faith, and kept a magnificent light around her.

One of Krisanna’s favorite places in the world was Camp Grace. She spent summers there, participating in Camp Rap-a-Hope. There she could be among friends and be herself.

When she was 15 years old, she was told she only had 6 months left to live. Her doctors asked her to use a color to describe her favorite days. That color was Yellow.

Krisanna is in heaven now, but her legacy lives on around her. People still talk about her light and life, and her spirit is still celebrated at Camp Grace and by her community.

It was her concept of a bright sunshiny Yellow Day that impressed and inspired the creators to use the title and theme of her life in the movie.

In the Yellow Day Movie:

The creative goal was not to make a movie just about Krisanna, but a movie that she would love, and one she could take her friends to see. So the film’s creators used Krisanna’s favorite imagery, such as yellow butterflies and tulips, smiley faces and sunshines, to creatively tell the story of yellow. Living the hard times with joy.

In the movie, we took Krisanna’s beloved Camp Grace, and represented it imaginatively, animating miracles, telling a fun adventure story for people like the kids attending Camp Grace.

While the creators could never do justice to Krisanna’s vision of Camp Grace, they did try to make a version of it that could relate to her passion for the camp.

Krisanna’s story is told in the Yellow Day movie, fictionalized as her vision of heaven: an endless day at camp. The animators took meticulous time to create this beautiful vision, providing hope to anyone facing chronic illness or other challenges.

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