Based On True Stories

In real life, Camp Grace hosts children’s camps at no cost. In the movie Yellow Day, Camp Grace transforms into The Land of Grace, the place where others see the world as God sees it.

True Stories Combined into a Fairytale

Yellow Day is based upon true stories in the outreach community. These inspirational figures are our heroes, and we feel that by telling their stories, we can show others hope, and in turn inspire them. These heroes come from the business and civic communities, as well as the outreach communities including special needs, chronic illness, and domestic abuse.

True Stories Made for Children

One of the most important parts of our inspirational stories is portraying these true stories in a way that kids can enjoy. This is why we made Yellow Day a fairytale, and why we portrayed these miracles in a way that is entertaining for them. Some of the subject matter in our film would be difficult to watch if placed in more literal terms. However, by placing them into our story, kids can be introduced to important and challenging parts of life in a way that encourages kindness and empathy, and can inspire them to make a difference. Further, they can grow up understanding the importance and value of every life.

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