The Two Ways to Watch Yellow Day

Yellow Day is not simply a kids movie. It is  fun on the surface, but it is also an allegorical journey, one that educators can use to teach faith principles and encourage the arts.

The Story Underneath

While most people will watch Yellow Day for the fun animation and stories, people can watch it for its allegorical elements and symbolism. The main characters all have alternate names, and the story have many symbols, leading to greater life lessons, and deeper family discussion. Families can, if they would like to a work work through together and unravel the film like a puzzle.

Using the Brushstrokes Differently

When the French Impressionists first started painting, people looked at their paintings through the traditional standard, and therefore did not fully understand the point of their paintings. Jazz musicians faced the same dilemma.

Yellow Day uses conventions set by companies like the Walt Disney Corporation, Pixar, and Dreamworks animation, but uses the conventions differently, focusing on miracle instead of magic, and using them as allegorical elements and symbols. This creates the two ways Yellow Day can be watched.


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