What is a Yellow Day?

A Yellow Day is taking a day, both the challenges and the triumphs, and using them to become a better person.

Make it a Yellow Day

A Yellow Day is not a day when everything goes right. A Yellow Day is choosing to take a day for what it is, and using every bit of it to be a better person. The Yellow Day movie shows how to make your day a Yellow Day.

The Movie and the Yellow Day

The movie Yellow Day repeatedly shows people who have faced tragedies, and overcome them. We present their stories, and show how they have taken their challenge, and used it to better themselves, and those around them. The result is an instrument to show children how they can make their day Yellow, and become better people in the process.

Taking the Yellow Day Forward

Our goal with Yellow Day is to encourage people to show others how to make their days Yellow. We are not only doing this through the movie, but also through the events and materials surrounding Yellow Day.

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