YD Sunday: Extra Activities/Crafts

Here are some fun games and activities to do during or after Yellow Day Sunday lessons!

YD Sunday Activities and Crafts

Hula-Hoop Contest

Equipment: Hula-Hoops
Game Instructions PDF: Hula-Hoop Contest

4 Corners
Ages: 6-13

Materials: Blind fold
Game Instructions PDF: 4 Corners

Yellow Day Chain Craft
Ages: 6-13

Materials: Colored (yellow) construction paper, scissors, colored writing utensils
Game Instructions PDF: Yellow Day Chain Craft

Yellow Day Snowflake Craft
Ages: 6-13

Materials: Snowflake guide print-out(see below), printing paper, scissors
Game Instructions PDF: Yellow Day Snowflake Craft

Yellow Day Mystery Puzzle

Materials: Puzzle grid print out (see below), pencil or pen
Game Instructions PDF: Yellow Day Mystery Puzzle

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