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See why audiences are raving about Yellow Day! In theaters this Christmas!


“I found Yellow Day to be a great opportunity to escape from day to day to a spiritual land that was very effective.”
– Brooks Cavendar, The Island Chapel, Decon (Tierra Verde, FL)

“Great for the family, entertaining and uplifting.”
– Olivia Hoegstrom, Out Lady of Lourdes, PR Director/ SAC Commitee (Dunedin, FL)

“Hits the heart”
– Richard Geringswald, Northshire Christian Church (Lakeland, FL)

“A very good movie of hope – and never giving up, God is always with you.”
– Darla Cavender, Island Chaple (Tierra Verde, FL)

“It is very unique and creative movie.”
– Erica Miller, Breakthrough Community Church, Praise and worship/ Youth (St. Petersburg, FL)

Kyle Bedwell

Kyle Bedwell is a former teacher turned screenwriter and director. He loves his wife, Liverpool FC, and the journey his Creator has placed him on.

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