Yellow Day In The Press!

Yellow Day in the Press

Look who’s talking about Yellow Day..!

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Yellow Day was screened in front of over 1,000 fresh audiences across the nation and received an average rating of 4.5/5 stars! Read the comments from across the country by clicking here.

[Yellow Day] draws its audience into a rich narrative where common lessons from the Bible are reframed in a new and compelling background. It’s not just a good movie, its good art, and an example of what all faith-based films should strive for. –

“The only faith-based and family film this holiday, Yellow Day is a movie parents and kids can enjoy together.  It is wildly imaginative and fun, beautifully blending high-quality animation and live action, and based on true stories of how God’s grace changes people’s lives.”Beliefnet

I highly encourage our readers at to make sure they don’t miss this beautiful film. Opening Christmas Day, this film will provide a heartfelt testament to the power and grace given to us by the Lord. –CatholicMom.Com

The only faith-based and family film this holiday, Yellow Day is a movie parents and kids can enjoy together. It is wildly imaginative and fun, beautifully blending high-quality animation and live action, and based on true stories of how God’s grace changes people’s lives.  –Charisma News

Films have a rich capacity to convey truth in a way that is extremely effective—that is, through narrative. It is heartening to see efforts like Yellow Day, wherein people whom the world might cast off (or abort), were shown to lead full lives, wherein they recognized their struggles and past hurts and chose to embrace what the film calls “the light”, also known as a life of faith and joy.Lifesitenews

“This movie showcases what faith can do and reminds the viewer that God always has a plan and, if we wait on Him, He will reveal it in time. We are proud to award “Yellow Day” our “Faith-Friendly” Seal for all ages!”The Dove Foundation

One thing Christian films can often get criticized for is being similar to a lot of other Christian movies, or not being more creative than any other film. Today, we wanted to let you know about a fascinating and different new Christian film, Yellow Day. This film is a unique blend of live action and 3D CGI. Computer graphics are often not used in Christian movies, and it’s exciting to see a new company trying something new and innovative.Christian Film Central

The new movie Yellow Day shows people who have faced tragedies and overcome them. It’s a partially-animated movie based on true stories in the outreach community, made for parents and children to watch together, to show children how they can make their day Yellow and become better people in the process. –BibleGateway

“‘Yellow Day’ a Fairy Tale That Focuses on Miracles, Not Magic…There is the idea of the spiritual office: There’s a way that the world sees people, and there’s a way that God sees people — the idea of the founder of the camp being a businessman, but in the eyes of God, he’s a king.”National Catholic Register

“…Yellow Day, a new film opening Christmas for teens and their parents that plunges unafraid into the darkness of our fallen world with the fresh hope of the light, Jesus.”Catholic Online

“We can’t wait to take our grandchildren to see this movie! …It’s going to build up the family. Yellow Day is going to help our young people not to be afraid of whatever they face. To have faith.”EWTN, At Home With Jim & Joy [WATCH!]

“This part-animated feature revolving around kids at a religious camp (for once, believers aren’t cast as victims) opened in two Birmingham, AL theaters to strong response…  This [film] looks like it has potential at appropriate theaters.”IndieWire

Welcome to Fandango’s Holiday Movie Guide – home of the most buzzed about holiday blockbusters and Christmas movie favorites. –Fandango

“Yellow Day is a treasure and captures the true spirit of camp. This movie leaves you inspired and your faith in the goodness of man restored,” says Savannah Lanier of Camp Smile-A-Mile (a summer camp for tots, kids, and teens with cancer)

“This ‘family movie’ follows a young man through a single day in which he is miraculously able to see the world through the eyes of God.”Religion News

“Nashville’s Magnetic Dreams, a multiple Emmy award-winning studio, recently had the opportunity to work with writer and executive producer Jeff Galle on the independent feature film Yellow Day, a stunning combination live-action and CG animation film about a young man’s spiritual journey as he relentlessly searches for his lost love.”Animation Magazine

“The film can be enjoyed for the light-hearted animation, but it also touches on very deep subjects that open doors for families to have discussions that will provide greater illumination to younger ones about making the best of situations and trusting God.”

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